Hey, remember last year when a retired limo driver said he would launch himself into space with a homemade rocket? After countless delays due to rocket repairs and his inability to get a proper permit to fly, “Mad” Mike Hughes was finally able to launch his creation sky high…

…before crashing back down to earth like a sack of potatoes.

Here’s the launch video, courtesy of YouTube user softypapa:

The launch, which took place last Saturday (March 24, 2018) in the Mojave Desert, actually went better than expected. Rather than exploding and sending Hughes to the stars, the rocket propelled him a total of 1,875 feet (571m) skywards at a speed of 350mph before forcing him to deploy his parachute and land nose first on terra firma.

image from NoiZe TV

You’d think everything would be okay after the parachute deployed, but then again, the rocket isn’t built up to NASA standards. The cockpit, located very close to the nose of the aircraft, took some damage upon landing – leaving Hughes dazed and exhausted.

It could have been worse though – he could have never left the ground and ended up in a smoldering heap of his creation. And those parachutes? NASA supposedly supplied them.

The launch aimed to provide Hughes with “data” so he could discern if Earth is flat or not. Considering a significant portion of the mission was funded by the flat-Earth community, I hope he had the time to take a look around up there instead of wondering if he will ever make it down in one piece.

Watch the entire launch below, courtesy of NoiZe TV:


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