From a working Tic Tac dispenser to the iconic 7,541-piece Millennium Falcon, almost everything under the sun has been created using the deceptively painful iconic plastic bricks. Really, as long as you don’t accidentally step on one with a bare foot, you can never really go wrong with LEGOs.

LEGO Ideas is the latest project created by the Danish company that allows fans to submit their designs in hopes of having them manufactured by the toy giant. Following a set of rules, LEGO aficionados submit their own designs online where they are voted on by the community. Once a submitted project reaches 10,000 supporters, it gets put up for review by the LEGO Review Board. As long as it doesn’t overlap with the company’s upcoming projects or offend small children and their parents, the project gets made into an official LEGO set sold around the world. And to kick things off, 2018’s newest LEGO set is fanmade!

Slated for a February 1st release, the LEGO Ship in a Bottle is inspired by fan JakeSadovich77’s clever design featuring a miniature ship set inside a LEGO plastic bottle. Inspired by artisans who made miniature ships out of old bottles, splinters of wood, string, and whalebone, the build initially started out with 1,800 pieces and measured 15 inches long, 9 inches tall, and 7 inches wide:

While the LEGO count isn’t quite up there with the Millennium Falcon, the review board decided to lessen the brick count for it to appeal to a broader audience. The final set will consist of 962 pieces and measure 12 inches long, 3 inches tall, and 3 inches wide.

As for the set itself, the ship sports three masts, three cannons on either side and beads of blue LEGO studs which serve as water. The entire ship is set inside a LEGO bottle built around the finished ship—so don’t worry about having to fit those tiny pieces through the bottle’s mouth like the real thing. The spout of the bottle even has a nifty cork with a wax seal.

The Ship in a Bottle kit will costs $69.99 when it goes live in February. See more of Jake’s original project here, and learn more about the upcoming official LEGO set here.


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