Minimaluminiumalism‘ isn’t an actual word (yet?)…but if we were to hear a word like it there’s a strong possibility that it would come from none other than everybody’s favorite ‘minimal/aluminum-loving’ industrial designer Jony Ive.

The iconic Apple designer has seen his fair share of criticisms and parodies over the years but let’s be honest here…there is a strong argument floating around somewhere that says that being parodied is actually a very high-form of compliment. Regardless, Ive has boatloads of talent that isn’t going anywhere soon and a little parody never hurt anybody (Weird Al Yankovic can back that one up).

Landing somewhere between Apple parody and general ‘design-thinking’ parody, Twitter user @JonyIveParody is the product design world’s answer to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart by not only offering humorous Apple quips but also updated ‘news-as-it-happens’ pertaining to various Apple announcements.

If you don’t already follow @JonyIveParody, now is probably a good time to start as we get closer to some sort of product announcement and the upcoming public release of OSX Yosemite.

In the meantime, here’s a few of our favorites (note: NSFW language):

Be sure to check them all out and stay updated on Apple news (if that’s your thing) with a healthy dose of comedy over at not Jony &#%!ing Ive.


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