If you’re an avid backpacker, cyclist, runner, or just plain like carrying a plastic reservoir for your hydration needs around with you, chances are you’ve come into contact with that undesirable (and unavoidable) side effect of weird tastes and smells each sip of the way.

Regardless if your portable vessel has been plastic or metal, the tradeoff always comes down to what additional flavor you enjoy with your beverages…and last time I checked plastic nor metal is a desirable smell or taste when consuming. Needless to say, there’s a reason why coffee is served in ceramic mugs and top-shelf cocktails are served in heavy-based glass tumblers.

Aiming to solve this glaring material science problem, the new ‘Squeezable Glass Bottle‘ is an interesting move into throwing everything out the window that we know about drinking out of plastic. While the exterior of the Squeezable Glass Bottles are still plastic, the interior is coated with a thin layer (20 nanometers thick to be exact) of silicon-dioxide…AKA Silica:


While the interior isn’t technically glass as we know it (and the product name a bit misleading), Silica naturally wards off the pesky flavors, smells, and bacteria that we’ve come to accept as a natural side effect of wanting to carry liquids around with us.


For those worried about the material breaking off over time, there’s no need to fret. Silica is used more commonly than you would think in various food items including vitamin supplements and candy to prevent them from sticking together and is even naturally found in fruits and vegetables.


While the tech is patent-pending, we’re just hoping that they can come up with some more attractive bottle solutions that would make us actually want to carry one around. Thankfully, they at least offer a custom graphic solution.

The Squeezable Glass Bottles start at $15 over at SqueezableGlass.com and come with an impressive 17-year warranty.

Feature image via C-Maeng


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