Few things are as enticing to young engineering students as the opportunity to build their own go-karts from scratch, and 18-year-old engineering student Jasper Edwards is living the dream.

The UK-based engineer, who works out of his own garage, creates his karts starting with shopping carts and wheelchairs scavenged from local junkyards. Using the existing form factors, Edwards then outfits the karts with motors to propel them at speeds of up to 50 MPH. If this isn’t one of the best and most entertaining use cases for upcycling, then I don’t know what is.

In this short documentary made by members of the Edwards family, Jasper gives us further insight into the satisfaction one finds when riding on something you built yourself:

YouTube video

Frankly, we just can’t wait to see what happens if Jasper and fellow UK-based garage inventor Colin Furze ever meet up.


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