Known for his prolific automotive art and custom car designs, Steve Sanford’s work has been commissioned over the years by custom car builders and car enthusiasts alike – not to mention he’s also helped inspire generations of car designers through his unique rendering techniques.

But not only has Stanford been able to make a name for himself in an industry that’s saturated by other well-known artists thanks in no small part to his dedication to details and accuracy – much like a pre-CAD engineer – he has also stuck with his original analog tools as more designers and artists convert over to digital tools and the all-too-reliable “Command-Z“.

More recently, Stanford was interviewed by the YouTube automotive channel eGarage at an exhibition that was held in honor of Stanford at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles last year. Among other things discussed include how he achieved his artistic style and what his philosophies are on talent – whether it’s sketching products or something else entirely.

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Check out more about Stanford and his work by heading over to the Steve Stanford Designs Facebook page.