On a Thursday in December, the truth finally comes out and we learn more about the the target demographic and messaging for large, 3D software development companies. According to Aurèlien Blaha, Senior Manager, Social Communications at Dassault Systèmes, “we mainly sell the software to Ewoks” to which we say, Yub nub.

The news came earlier today at 12:19am (EST) in a tweet reply to our question posted (two weeks ago), “Do engineers actually use Inventor, SolidWorks, etc?” A question asked by mjncad on MCADforums.


It’s suspected that Aurèlien made the tweet during lunch hours while watching Ewoks: Battle for Endor, repeating lines to those passing by using the best Wilford Brimley voice this side of Alderaan and inspiring new marketing strategies to expand their footprint among the Ewok users.

So, let’s delve into this a little bit further. Ewoks… using 3D development software. I’m sorry, 3D experience software. We all know Ewoks are all about the experience. I mean, what race of furry creatures willingly fights against machines 100x their size with sling shots, log traps and make-shift catapults? That’s a story, an experience, to be told for generations to come.

And I know, you know, what made all of these implements of empire-crushing destruction possible–3D experience software. Because it’s not all about that bass, or treble. NO, it’s all about that experience. That’s what Ewoks look for in a product. Value=Experience. Just remember that if your caught amidst furry Ewok newborns fleeing for their very lives while others distract Stormtroopers to steal their speederbikes.


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