Whether he’s preparing for the zombie apocalypse with his Slingshot Zombiehammer with Skull Ejector or devising new ways to split Oreo Creme with his Oreo Separation Pump Gun, Jorg Sprave of The Slingshot Channel never seems to be out of ideas when it comes to DIY weaponry.

Could his latest creation be his most crazy contraption ever? Sprave recently turned to the humble Coke bottle to create – what else – an arrow-launching Gatling gun.

Previously, Sprave created a similar design that used the same pressurized Coke bottle mechanism to shoot a single arrow. As he’s quick to mention – the gun is nearly as dangerous to the shooter as it is for whoever (or whatever) is on the receiving end due to the highly-pressurized bottle. Nonetheless, with hundreds of insane homemade weapons under his belt (quite literally), Sprave has proven time and time again that when you put safety first, there’s seemingly no limit to the number of deadly slingshots you can make in your garage.

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