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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This video is a sub-5 minute feature of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web.

This week we look at:

Feedback is essential for pretty much every design project and with, (pronounced ‘Forest’) users are able to upload design projects they’ve been working on and receive no-nonsense feedback from the supportive Forrst community. YES! Everything from web design to branding and business cards to icon design….Get inspired and check it out at

And once you’ve gotten your feedback for your new iOS app icon, be sure to head over to the Invisible Light Network to have your favorite song ‘3D printed’. Elliot Blanchard and his team at ILN use audio analysis to generate code that is turned into a 3D printed structure that fits snuggly-wuggly onto your lovely arm. Get your favorite Jimi Hendrix song 3D printed at InvisibleLightNetwork.Com! Nice.

Photolettering is the new iPhone app that lets you write directly on your photographs with beautiful fonts. I love FONTS. Josh is right–with this app you can say it like you mean it on all of your lovely Instagram posts. Check it out in the iTunes App Store for free.

Do you find yourself out on the town after work with friends and are tired of splitting happy hour tabs? The latest update to the popular GroupMe app for Android and iPhone makes bill splitting a cinch. Yes, with one person paying the total the others can ‘chip in’ via the app for fast and easy bill splitting on the go

Have you been stacking mattresses all these years and are in need of a good solid bed frame? With this Pipe Bed Frame tutorial you can create a stylish bed frame from metal pipe components found at your local Home Depot. Head on over to for the full instructions.

And to match your stylish new bed frame, you can re-purpose that bright orange Home Depot 5 gallon bucket you used for your last painting project. Why yes of course…with this genius DIY project from you can convert any 5 gallon bucket into a stylish ottomon! Go Do it Now!

So….you have a concept for a new brand and identity…..but you are lacking an easy way of showing your awesome new concepts in any sort of context. NOT ANYMORE My friends….with the sky is the limit with blank image templates to place your oh-so-precious identity and advertising concepts . Check it out at

And while you’re running through those identity concepts, make sure you have bacon close by. BACON?? Now that’s how we start the party. With the Tac Bac Tactical Canned Bacon you have 10 years to savor the flavor of fresh canned bacon. Why yes of course…why didn’t I ever think of canned bacon? Each can comes with 18 wholesome servings of the greasy good stuff and can be yours for $19.99 on Rock.

What’s on cadjunkie?
This week we have a whole new series devoted to creating surfaces from a 2D sketch where we’ll be creating an awesome subwoofer design. Get that membership now at

What’s on Engineer vs Designer?
What’s on EngineerVsDesigner? Loads of cool interviews. This week we talk with Conor MacCormack, CEO of MCor Technologies! Listen on iTunes or at

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