There was a sound at the door. It opened. There holding a small staff and a bottle of zebra skin, was Smoth Mealer and all the smoth babies. This week’s episode of Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is live! We love our SolidSmack readers! Do you have something cool you’ve come across and want to share it on SolidSmack? Don’t hide it in your neck skin! Send it on in to Ready?…..Kick IT!

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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This video is a sub-5 minute feature of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web.

This week we look at:

You have your table manners down, but you’re still not naming your Photoshop layers. FOR SHAME! guides the way to proper behavior at the Photoshop table. Tips on everything from type and effects to best practices and exporting.
And once you’re done slicing up images, you’ll need a well designed multi-tool for peeling potatoes and your toenails. Peeling your toenails?!

The SOG Power Assist multi-tool has straight and serrated blades and a sweet internal drive system that multiples the gripping force. Get it for $55 while you can at Amazon. That is over half off the retail price.

If you absolutely must create presentations, do it in style. Please do. Haiku Deck is the iPad app to quickly create stunning presentations. I never thought I would enjoy making presentations, much less on an iPad. Brilliant app, even as a slideshow for images or ideas. And guess what? It’s free on iTunes.

And to go along with this, we present Touchdraw, a very slick vector drawing app that will have you creating vector shapes and diagrams in no time. Yeah, you can use it for artwork, workflow diagrams or even floorplans. It’s vector-rific fun. Available for iPad, Mac and Android starting at $8.99.

Make you door impervious to being kicked in by hardening your door frame–anything that would keep Adam out. This Instructable by ‘jwilliamsen’ shows you how to keep burglars with strong legs at bay. All it takes is a 2 x 48 inch piece of 10GA 304 stainless steel and a little elbow grease to add a little more protection to your abode.

Jude Pullen brings us the Solder Buddy, an auto-feeding solder device that keeps your hands on your iron and your eye on your soldering. It’s a two-in-one Instructable with additional tips for working with plastics. 15 steps and the better part of weekend to make one of your own.

So, you have all these projects, but to document it all, you could use a good camera or lens or tripod or filter or Kessler CineDrive Motion Control System. Riiiiight. Well, you can have it all and get it shipped to you anywhere in the US at Shipping included in everything and they even have an iPhone app to help make it all easier.

Do you fly a lot? No. don’t have wings. Well I do, and people be slammin’ my kneecaps into the seatrow behind me. Enter, the Knee Defender, a airplane seatback lock-out device that keeps the seat in front of you from reclining. I think this little device my finally allow the scabs to heal. Yours for $21.95 at

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