You’re sitting at the computer waiting for an analysis to run. Suddenly a three-armed garden gnome with a smug look and a Garfield “Compute this” t-shirt offers to take your analysis pains away. He directs you to, grabs your luke-warm coffee and half-eaten cookie, then disappears. Rescale is probably not a company you’ve heard much about yet, but they’re taking on the challenge of serving up computing resources to off-load your analysis needs and approaching it in a very unique way.

Template for your Simulation

Maybe you’re an individual cranking out some simulations on your workstation overnight or maybe you’re part of a larger company with banks of computing power at your beckon call. You’ll run some structural sims and even set up some thermal analysis yourself or pass them off to another group. All to often there’s either the frustration of waiting for the simulation to complete or working with vendors/customers that don’t use the same software. Rescale is there to address this. From Sunny Manivannan, VP of Business Development:

One of our goals is to vastly simplify the process of testing designs and getting to the most optimal designs, no matter who the end user is – from the amateur running simple FEA analysis as part of the DIYRockets challenge, to professional engineers at our large aerospace customers running multidisciplinary optimizations to develop next-generation aircraft.

So, all of this design testing takes place on the Rescale platform where you first create a workflow, define the amount of dyno’s (aka cores or computing power) you want to throw at it and select the simulation tools that will be part of the analysis. From there, you create a template for the variables you’ll be using, upload, then send your simulation off to run. It’s simple, straightforward and the back-end makes is quick to set up and see what is happening. They support the widest array of Simulation Tools and Math Tools (See here) with resources that walk you through it all.


So, their back-end is impressive, but their pricing model is as well. If you’re wondering what the possibilities of pricing are for cloud-based services or computing resources, this is an interesting illustration that simplifies the complexity around options for time, power and capacity. As you see in the image above, your prices isn’t anything fixed, it’s simply determined by the amount of cores you select for the job. Rescale has a free trial available and if you want to get in right away and play, you can check out their airfoil tutorial.



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