What magic is this praytell?! The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is BACK with a vengeance that can only be described as what you would get if you mixed kitteh paws with the lipless howls of a woodland badger… I know, intense and scary and cute all rolled up into 3-minutes of awesome! Have something cool you’ve come across? Don’t hide it in your neck skin! Send it on in to smoth@www.solidsmack.com. Kick it!

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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This video is a sub-5 minute feature of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web.

This week we look at:

Alter Ego – Ahhh, the taste of fresh, filtered water. The Alter Ego is high-end water bottle design on a mission. Drink water in style and help those in a developing country with a purchase of the $25 bottle going to Guatemalan villagers in need of clean water.
Niko Camera bag – Wishing to find a better camera bag, I set out on a journey. This journey ended in the discovery of the Niko Camera bag from Chrome. Super sleek design to hold all your gear, and even a laptop. Gorgeous and almost worth it at $180.

iObit Start Menu – Have you upgraded to Window 8 and just can’t stand the Metro interface? Longing for the days of the simple Start menu of yesteryears? There’s hope, iObit Start menu 8 gets rid of Metro, has tons of options and best of all, it’s free.
Rebrickable – After disabling your Metro screen, head over to rebrickable.com. It’s a site for customizing and remixing your LEGO sets. A set builder, part picker, MOC Designer and more await your LEGO building fantasies.

Thermocam – Did someone say cheap thermocam? No. Yes? NO! YES! If detecting thermal leaks is your thing, as I’m sure it is, Max Ritter has just thing. Servos, Arduinos and lasers folks. A cheap thermocam you can build yourself at cheap-thermocam.tk.
Handlebar desk – Who needs to get in shape? Who doesn’t?! If you’re at a computer all day, this riding desk Instructable by Lance Drolet mixes your bike with your life-sucking computer screen. Made for a laptop, but easy enough to mod for a monitor.

Cycles Perfecta – Puzzles people. There’s nothing more fun on a Saturday night. BEER ME! Liberty puzzles has the coolest vintage puzzles and the Cylces Perfecta by Alphonse Mucha is sublime. 325 irregular-shaped pieces, a $95 price tag and hours of fun.
Skinny Fatties – Sing it with me. Skinny Fatties. No? Well, you will be singing after you ship them your fat tie and have it skinny-fied. It’s what they do–saving you from fat tie embarrassment. $30 buck to get it done and shipping is FREE.

What’s on cadjunkie?
Adam, what’s on cadjunkie?! You won’t believe it if I told you. The SOlidWorks Remote control tutorial, modo studio lighting and a whole lot more. Get that membership now at cadjunkie.com.

What’s on Engineer vs Designer?
What’s on EngineerVsDesigner? Loads of cool interviews and this week we interview Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk! Listen on iTunes or at EngineervsDesigner.com.

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Josh is founder and editor at SolidSmack.com, founder at Aimsift Inc., and co-founder of EvD Media. He is involved in engineering, design, visualization, the technology making it happen, and the content developed around it. He is a SolidWorks Certified Professional and excels at falling awkwardly.