After the last time you wrapped strings of LED’s around your neighbor’s cat and sent it running through the dark shopping isles after pulling the fire alarm, you may be looking for a new, less flea-ridden project to satiate your LED lusts. May I grant you inspiration from Malgorzata Ratajczak and Sebastian Szlabs, the crafters of unique, hand-crafted lighting and creators of the Atomic lighting tubes. They’ve slapped the acronyms together to shoot LED infused lamp light from an array of PVC piping patterns. It’s certainly eye-catching and a light design that’s not all that hard to create yourself.

Atomic lighting tubes

The team has create three configurations: ATOMIC MONO HORIZONTAL, ATOMIC DUO HORIZONTAL and the ATOMIC MONO. For each, the material list includes clear acrylic tube, LED light core and PVC Fittings (coated). With the ATOMIC MONO at US $568.00 (420 €) up to the ATOMIC DUO HORIZONTAL at US $1058 (782 €) they’re not so cheap, but try to capture the energy of this description and perhaps the price will make more sense. What are Atomic Lighting Tubes?

A system that allows users to connect lights in an endless number of layouts. Composed of glowing tubes with painted or chrome PVC fittings, the arrangement provides a platform for creating custom design features on the ceiling and wall without worrying about power cables. Influenced by the water, power and ventilation systems in buildings, the concept illuminates rooms as they flow with energy and life, running like a bloodstream throughout space.

A BLOODSTREAM THROUGHOUT SPACE… Ok, better metaphor than a CAT THROUGH A SHOPPING ISLE. Really, though, you can create that bloodstream yourself. With a bag of PVC fittings, just about any support arrangement can be formed (great for running wire through unhindered) and the acrylic tube fittings with LED’s is not difficult to come by. So, if you don’t want to dish out the Euros for this combo of light and pipe, you can always go at it yourself. Over at Instructables, you’ll find this interesting Light tube project and Hypertriangle shows you how to make a version that can replace your flickering fluorescents.

Here also, is a list of sites to get the main parts you’ll need to construct your own:

Clear acrylic tube (or colored)
PVC Pipe (and fittings)
LED light bar

Here are just a few more shots of the Atomic light tube for an extra dose of inspiration.







Images: Art Syndicate


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