Have you ever thought to yourself, “3D Printing is cool, but there’s got to be a better way of making XYZ”?

Of course you have…and now you can win a 3D printer just by sharing your concept.

3D printing community and content library Youmagine is inviting everyone to pitch their own ideas for a new way of 3D printing and win an Ultimaker desktop 3D printer if your design is chosen as the best coupled with what seems achievable.

“The idea is for someone to come up with an idea for a new 3D printing technology,” said Youmagine. “They will describe to us how they hope to make this a reality.”

When all is said and done, 3D printing isn’t just about squeezing hot steamy plastic out of a nozzle – there’s DMLS, UAM, ULM and of course, SLS. When given the opportunity to come up with something radical and new, what would you come up with?

3d printing space_1Will you create the next 3D printer for space…

3d-food-printer…or a 3D printer that produces on-demand comfort food?

If you think that all the potential ideas have been squeezed out, you’re missing out.

Just last week, 15-year old Thomas Suarez released his ORB 3D Printer, which he promises is 10x faster than the usual FDM method. Then there’s Impossible Objects, a Chicago-based company that raised $2.8 million for their laminated-sheet based method that suffice to say, it is quite impressive.

So if teenagers and unknown out-of-the-blue companies can come up with ideas and raise money, there’s still hope for you.

Just make sure you put it on Youmagine first, and give it a snappy acronym, like UMMMM (Ultrasonic Monstrously Microscopic Metal Manufacturing) or GUAM (Geo-Material Ultra-technical Additive Manufacturing). Because that sells well, and there are so many techniques out there, how else will you stand out?

The final date to enter your world-changing 3D printing concept is February 1st, 2015. Find out more over at Youmagine.