It’s difficult to have a conversation about the history of industrial design and not bring up Braun during at least some point in the conversation.

The German company – along with legendary industrial designer Dieter Rams – have time and time again been called the single biggest influence on Apple products thanks in no small part to Rams’ famous “Ten Principles for Good Design” manifesto that celebrates “As little design as possible”, among other things.

The company that Rams helped establish a portfolio of iconic products for – many of which now reside in museums and private collections – has also been responsible for the world’s longest-running international prize competition for product design concepts.


Their BraunPrize competition aims to promote the work of young and established designers from all over the world and wants to give away $75,000 USD to their favorite entries from both the professional and student categories. In addition to winning the cash money prize, winning entries will also take part in the BraunPrize Exhibition and will be featured prominently in international media – not a bad prize for any up and coming students looking for some significant exposure.


Braun has extended their submission deadline to May 10th – which means that those interested (both students and professionals) have nearly three weeks to either dust up a project presentation or develop something entirely new,

Find out more by heading over to BraunPrize.