We’re starting 2012 off with a fast punch to the ear and perhaps the coolest 3D print design contest EVER. The insanely exotic 3D printed work of Anthony Tammaro is your inspiration and Shapeways is making your idea come to life. Here are the details.

EvD + Shapeways Necklace Design Competition

This week on EngineerVsDesigner, we interview world renowned designer, artist and sculptor, Anthony Tamorro. We learn about his very interesting, organic sculptural fashion accessory designs and the tools, process and inspiration behind it all. It’s a perfect backdrop for a design contest… The first design contest of the year and the FIRST for EngineerVsDeisgner. So, we’re teaming up with Shapeways to make your necklace printing dreams come true. Here’s what to do…

Design the most interesting necklace.

Upload your entry to Shapeways
Tag it with the word EVD

January 31st, 2012 (Midnight PST)

Anthony Tammaro

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