A beam of light has shot from the east, through my window, reflecting off a large bottle of whiskey milk sitting in front of me and directly into my eyes. Your custom HDRI dreams are about to get a lot more custom and a lot more powerful. HDR Light Studio 3.0 has been released by Lightmap. The new version which comes as a stand-alone product and plugin for KeyShot, Maxwell and Deep Exploration brings Collada support, new light blending (nice!), custom fall-off curves (NICE!) and more.

HDR Light Studio 3

There are a lot of great new features, but my favorite has to be the new Blending modes. A click of the button and you’re toggling between five different options for exposure, color and saturation.

Here are just a few of the other features in this version of HDR Light Studio:

  • Custom fall-off curves: fine control over synthetic light fall-off.
  • New color system: Color selection and analysis tools designed specifically for lighting artists to allow precise color matching and auditioning.
  • Collada support: LiveLight now supports Collada to allow the import of geometry and camera information from all major 3D modeling packages.
  • Increased Performance: Faster rendering times and all features now support real-time feedback.

The cost is £399 (US $625) for the standard version and US $935 (£599) for the Pro version which includes the plugins for KeyShot, Maxwell Studio and Deep Exploration. Whatcha think? Like the new features?


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