A study by FlexJobs found that 80% of people surveyed would rather have a work-from-home job than one in an office. So, if you want to work remotely, there are plenty of opportunities available to you.

The biggest advantage of working from home is the ability to set your own schedule and avoid rush hour traffic.

It can also help you save money on gas, and other travel costs, as well as provide more flexibility for caring for children or elderly parents.

Some people also find that working from home reduces their stress levels since they don’t have the added pressure of dealing with other people.

Customer Service Rep at Payday Loan Lending Agencies

One of the most popular types of work from home jobs in customer service. You can work for a call center or for an inbound call company.

Customer service representatives are the ones who take care of customer queries and complaints. They are the first point of contact for customers, and they need to be able to deal with a range of different situations. Let’s say you are looking for installment loans, and decided to walk into a payday loan agency. Guess who you will deal with? A customer service representative.

Now, their main responsibility is to answer customer queries and complaints in a friendly, efficient way. They need to be able to provide solutions (Help you leave with a payday loan) for any problems that customers may have, and they also need to be able to provide information about products and services.

These days, you can do this job from home and that’s why there are so many customer service jobs available today.


The accountant is a professional in the business of accounting, which is the recording, classifying, and summarizing of transactions. Basically, an accountant knows how to manage your money

Accountants can be employed in public accounting firms or private industry, or they can work independently as self-employed accountants.

Accountants are usually in high demand, and they can work from home. They may be asked to provide tax advice or perform audits for their clients every year as well.

They can also manage payroll for small businesses or do bookkeeping.

Some accountants may specialize in specific areas like forensics accounting, financial planning, or fraud investigation.


A consultant is an expert in a certain field that advises or assists other people. Consultants are not usually employees of the company they are working for, but instead, they are hired on a per-project basis.

Consultants can be experts in many fields such as business, finance, law, engineering, and more. They can be hired by small companies to help them make decisions or by large corporations to help them with specific tasks.

Some consultants work independently and others work for consulting firms. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping people in your workforce happy, etc. Just yourself.

Sales Representative

If you have a face-to-face sales background, then you should consider working as a salesperson from home. There are many companies that hire people to sell their products and services over the phone. Like selling coaching packages and much more.

Sales representatives are in charge of selling a company’s products or services.

They are responsible for generating leads, following up on leads, and closing deals. Sales representatives are in charge of all aspects of the sales process.

Sales representatives need to have strong communication skills in order to be successful.

They also need good customer service skills to make sure that they are providing the best service possible to their customers.

Sales representatives need to be able to think quickly on their feet and come up with solutions when problems arise.

Data Analyst

The data analyst is responsible for the collection, organization, and evaluation of data. They are responsible for turning raw data into meaningful and insightful information that can be used to make decisions.

This is an individual who analyzes and interprets information by examining, cleaning, transforming, and modeling datasets. Data analysts use statistical techniques such as regression analysis or time-series analysis to study trends in the past or predictive models such as artificial neural networks to forecast future events.

The field of data analytics has grown exponentially in recent years with the advent of new technologies such as Hadoop and SAS. The demand for qualified individuals has increased significantly due to this growth in demand. A person who wants to enter this field should have a bachelor’s degree in analytical science, statistics, mathematics, computer science.

Best part, it’s another thing you can do from home.

Case Manager

A case manager is a person who manages the care of a patient. They may work in hospitals, medical clinics, or other healthcare settings. Case managers are responsible for coordinating all the services that are needed by patients, including arranging transportation to and from appointments, assisting with paperwork for social service benefits, and making sure that the patient has their prescriptions filled.

The role of case managers is to identify and coordinate appropriate services for people who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition or who have experienced an event such as a car accident.

Case managers can help people with disabilities find resources that will allow them to live independently. They often work closely with doctors and nurses to make sure that they have all the information they need about a patient’s condition.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more popular in the workplace. They are used by companies when they need to generate content for a specific topic or niche. Digital agencies use them to generate all kinds of content for their clients.

The most popular virtual assistant is Siri. It is used by over 50% of iPhone users in the United States and Canada, and it can do a lot of tasks like schedule meetings, check your calendar, send messages, set reminders, find directions, play music, etc.

Virtual assistants are professionals who provide administrative support to companies and individuals. They can work remotely, which means that they can live anywhere in the world and work from home. They are most commonly used to help with routine tasks like answering emails, scheduling appointments, or creating spreadsheets.


As you can see, there are many work from home jobs available today, you just have to decide which one works best for you.