I’ve been a long time SolidWorks user, but I knew I wanted (ahem.. needed) to learn another 3D modeling software. That’s when I started looking at Autodesk’s Fusion 360. The features that highlight its capabilities and differentiates it is what this series set out to do. They’re features that expand beyond 3D modeling and show how it’s a platform that incorporates all the aspects of the engineering and design process. If you’re new to Fusion 360, go through the series below to see just a bit of what you can do.

The 5 Things That Made Me Take Another Look At Fusion 360
In our first post, I take a look at the five things I wanted to learn more about in Fusion 360.
Fusion 360 Model Features You Have to Try: Part Modeling
The part modeling ability you have, from parametric modeling to sculpting is a must see.
Four Fusion 360 Assembly Features That Will Make You Forget About Mates
There are a few ways to build assemblies, ways that help define movement instead of remove it.
5 Reasons I Would Use Simulation in Fusion 360
Simulation is usually an after thought, but with Fusion 360 it’s part of the process.
5 Ways Fusion 360 Improves Team Collaboration
One of the coolest collab features is the ability to instantly share a link of what you’re working on.
6 Steps to Understanding Integrated CAM in Fusion 360
CAM? Yep, Fusion 360 has that too. Here’s why it matters.

There’s more that Fusion 360 has to offer. Want to see what it can do for you?

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