Well, that’s it. We have a fav new website at SolidSmack HQ. Gambody. Gambody is the buy and sell marketplace for 3D print files of video game models–High-poly, super detailed and optimized for 3D printing. They already have a healthy handful of characters, vehicles and robots with more in the works and a growing community. If you’ve ever been into miniature gaming, video gaming, resin model painting or just breathing, this is an absolute coolest thing since you were able to sell your sister’s hair to a wig shop and buy your own action figures.

Best of all, their latest model is a MechWarrior Mech. MechWarrior, set in the BattleTech Universe, has been a role-playing game, a miniatures game, a MMO RPG and many, many other video games, where people battle out each other from inside the giant robot. This Mech is Catapult, a 65 ton missile-loaded, long-range, indirect fire support ‘Mech, and the detail is incredible. On top of that, it’s completely optimized for 3D printing, FULLY ARTICULATING and comes with all the details to print and build it yourself.

The Mech model is MASSIVE. The figurine, after print and assembly, measures 5.63″ x 6.92″ x 9.84″ (143mm x 176mm x 250mm). It comes as 36 pieces in .stl format (plus assembly video), and once it’s painted up it looks 10 kinds of incrediBALLS. The shots below are by Gambody user Alexei Bruton.

You can snag the model files on Gambody, but it’ll cost you an easy $29.99. (Bonus! They have a weapons add-on for $10.99!)

Use the discount coupon “SOLIDSMACK” for a 15% discount on a one-time purchase of any 3D model(s) from the Gambody.com marketplace! The coupon will be valid for every unique customer for a single-use only till December 31, 2016.

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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