SolidWorks unveiled two new certification exams at SolidWorks World 2018, which celebrated 20 years since their certification program began back in 1998. At the 16-year mark, the program only certified 100,000 users, but since the demand for programmers, engineers, and CAD professionals has risen over the last few years, that number has doubled to over 270,000 and continues to increase at roughly one certification every 10 minutes.

On day three of the conference, Senior Manager Michael Puckett announced the addition of Mold Making and Additive Manufacturing Associate to their certification program. According to a recent press release, both will be supported by learning modules in section of the company’s website.

The CSWPA-Mold Making exam (available now) tests your understanding and use of SolidWorks’ Mold Tools functionality along with applied Industry knowledge with hands-on challenges that include Parting Line Creation, use of Cavity Tool, Surfacing and many more. Exam length is 90 minutes and requires a passing grade of at least 75% to be certified. Those that fail have a 30-day waiting period to retake the test at a cost of $19.95.

As for SolidWorks’ CSWA-AM (Additive Manufacturing) Certification, the exam will cover a myriad of topics including machine types/materials, model prep, printing, post-print and finishing, among other topics. The 10-part course will be offered in the section in April of this year. The certification is designed to be the first step towards better understanding additive manufacturing and includes a 30-question certification exam at the cost of $49.00.

Find out more over at the SolidWorks Blog.

Featured image via 3D Hubs.


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