The folks at Paperwallet sure like keeping their wallets simple. Made from Tyvek (the material you find in a lot of packaging envelopes), these money holders are as thin as an anorexic paper yak, yet are able to hold a fat stack of bills and cards. Not only that, but they give upcoming artists a chance to showcase their works right on the wallets.

The Micro Wallet takes these concepts and makes them even thinner than Paperwallet’s Slim Wallet. While the former wallet measured 0.12″ (3 mm) in thickness, the new wallet measures a mere 0.012″ (0.3 mm) – roughly the thickness of one of the credit cards it holds. The length of the wallet has also been reduced slightly to allow eight cards, money, and whatever else you can stuff inside the Micro Wallet’s two card slots, two side pockets, and its single cash compartment. And look at the style on these things…

Just like other Paperwallet designs, the Micro Wallet features exclusive designs by different artists around the world. Roman Klonek, David Mrugala, and Anna-Lina are just a few of the artists whose works are showcased on this pocket-sized paper wallet. And, more artists and designs will be made available as stretch goals for the already-funded campaign. Here’s the phot-by-photo feature list:

The wallet is also water resistant, RFID protected, and completely recyclable. They’re as expandable as a paper wallet can be, though I wouldn’t recommend stuffing a stack of coins, muffins, or razor blades in it. Given a single Micro Wallet costs $16 and is usually sold in bulk quantities, you might want to reconsider getting this if you’re looking for a lifetime cash companion or stock up for new color/design for each eight days of the week.

As mentioned, the project is completely funded on Kickstarter, and was done so in less than 24 hours. As of now, it has already pushed past $50k, heading for a another artist design unlocked at $60k. If you support independent artists and want to save a few cow hides, head on over to the Micro Wallet Kickstarter project.


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