Have you ever tried to render glorious rays of light with your mind? It can’t be done (unless you have a perfect mix of abysynth and electricity.) In lieu of that you’ll want some easily adjustable, totally customizable HDR images to slap in your renderings. That’s where HDR Light Studio comes in. They’ve developed a special plugin available in HDR Light Studio 2 that adds the ability to create and adjust lighting, in real-time, directly on your KeyShot model. Wow.

HDR Light Studio LIVE for KeyShot

If you’ve ever used HDR Light Studio, you know it’s the easiest way to create your own custom HDR images. Right now, they’re also offering HDR Light Studio 2 at 25% off which drops the price to US $725 (£449). You can make that money back in the time it takes to search for ‘free hdri’ sites and try them out. Remember though, this is just for lighting, not for creating HDR backgrounds. You can however import backgrounds you’ve created or purchased and fine tune the lighting to your deep, dark shadowy needs.

This plug-in integrates with KeyShot and lets users create a HDRI lighting design containing a vast array of light sources, all in real-time directly on to your KeyShot model. Because KeyShot is so fast, the performance is amazing. Once installed an extra button called ‘Create’ shows up on the Environment tab in KeyShot – clicking ‘Create’ launches the plug-in and then you can design lighting in real-time.

YouTube video

You can try, buy and get your learning on at the HDR Light Studio website.

Images via HDR Light Studio


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