I once went for a jog. True story. It was a bit challenging holding a cheeseburger and attempting to eat it whilst trotting down the roadside, especially in the incredible jogging shorts I was wearing. While that image sinks in, just imagine yourself in the same situation and how nice it would be to have a table jogging alongside you. That may just be possible.

Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi has created a walking table. Called the ‘Crab-ble’ (Get it!), it’s a 12 legged structure based off Theo Jansen’s amazing Strandbeest creation. Ekaggrat started out studying the leg motion and capturing it in several test models to get the movement and tabletop braces just right.


His third model is what you see in the photos, 3D printed from ABS and ready to serve up a full buffet! …A small, full buffet since this is a prototype and measures a mere 15.75″ x 6.7″ x 5.1″ (400 mm x 170 mm x 130 mm). His plan is to construct a full size table using bamboo and steel. He hasn’t done it yet, so here’s your chance to do it first.


There are five .stl files that make up the file set along with the original SketchUp model file. Although detail and assembly drawings are lacking, Mr. Kalsi

You can download the .stl files on MyMiniFactory or the .stl and SketchUp file on Thingiverse.

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