It’s hard to put truly inspirational art into words. At best you’ll end with someone wondering what in blazes you’re talking about, and if you’ve ever created a piece of art in your own mind… you’ll still end up with someone wondering what the blazes you’re talking about. It’s best to experience the creation and you either get it or you don’t; you get something out of it or move on to picking popcorn off your shirt. If you ask anyone that has heard of Theo Jansen, you’ll probably hear something like, “That is the freakin’ weirdest stuff I’ve seen in… like ever.” Nonetheless, it’s amazing and you have to see it. Here’s what he does, but the video shows it all.

Theo Jansen is a Dutch artist who builds walking kinetic sculptures that he calls a new form of life. His “Strandbeests” walk the coastline of Holland, feeding on wind and fleeing from water.

Source: The Art of Creating Creatures


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