As 3D professionals, we require a certain level of ambiance in our office space. It shouldn’t surprise anyone when they step inside an engineer’s cubicle and it suddenly feels like a 1920’s lounge complete with stage, singer and the smell of old reference books and even older whiskey. Lamps are an important part of this.

While you may opt for an opulent art-deco piece to cover up as many foam ceiling tiles as possible, there are easier, less job-threatening ways to light your space. Wildrose Builds has developed a simple, 3d printed dowel lamp + low poly shade design that’s sure to match your taste in lighting – if not, you can just remix it up and print it out.

This is a modern lamp that uses a light socket from IKEA and some wooden 3/8″ dowels! the lamp shade is modeled in fusion and then reduced in meshmixer to give it a low poly look! the shade is printed in vase mode (spiralized outer contours) and is 140mm in diameter and height to fit most build plates. This lamp is for LED bulbs only as conventional bulbs would be too hot! please ensure that your bulb does not get warm enough to melt the shade! the light socket in the video/pictures is the IKEA “hemma”, but the nicer “sekond” braided cordset should also fit!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the the process from start to finish; modeling in Fusion 360, 3D printing and construction of the slick looking lamp.

YouTube video

You can download the files on MyMiniFactory, print one out for yourself and one for each of your co-workers, plug them in then turn out the lights and start your 80-hour week. (Bonus! Check out the cool wall pins from WildRose Builds as well!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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