Despite countless attempts at making the everyday camera wearable, the device still sticks out like a sore thumb. Ultimately, if it’s not hanging at the end of a selfie stick, it’s sitting on the top of your head like a GoPro.

This is the issue the FOMO camera wants to address. It may look like normal pin badge (and for the most part it is), but underneath its plastic exterior is a camera that records every single thing you see.

The button’s dimensions run at a radius of 0.98”, a diameter of 1.97”, and a thickness of 0.47”. It weighs 1.41oz—making it about as heavy as a pair of AA batteries (as evidenced by an informative GIF on its Kickstarter page).

It doesn’t seem to trade portability for quality, either. Despite being roughly the size of a coaster, the FOMO can capture videos in full 1080p HD at 30 fps.

This is all done via a single button located at the back of the camera. The user simply holds the button for two seconds to turn it on and presses it once more to record. In its 90-minute run time, the camera can hold up to a maximum of 16GB of video data (which can be upgraded to 32GB) before needing to be charged at a USB dock. Yes; despite being called a camera, the FOMO can only take videos and not still pictures.

Something it can do though is to help you record your everyday moments without looking like an overzealous tourist or self-obsessed blogger. The inconspicuous outer shell of the FOMO can be customized with various designs and placed on just about anything that can support its brooch-pin or clip attachments. Dog collars which let you get a first person view of your canine companion, back pockets so you can get a first-hand experience on what it’s like to be a human rectum, the list of adherable surfaces goes on. It can be fitted with normal camera accessories as well.

The project has already exceeded its goal of $18,000 (it’s now running somewhere at the $67, 000 mark). To learn more about the FOMO camera, you can check out its Kickstarter page.


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