I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you probably don’t have much LEGO paraphernalia in your bathroom… unless your a LEGO minifig yourself or have five children under the age of ten. If that’s the case you have LEGOs everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Scratch, aka The Scratch,  knows the human race lacks the proper implements to hold a toilet paper roll whilst provide the ultimate in lighthearted toilet paper dispensing enjoyment after having a healthy poo. Hence, the LEGO Minifig toilet paper dispenser. He says,

“This is a minifig made to hold a roll of TP and stick to your bathroom wall. I like printing in PETG because it’s super strong and resists most household cleaners. The head has holes in it for 3mm magnets so you can print seasonal hats (coming soon). The body is concave to support a full roll, so I would suggest printing at .2 to get the smoothest transitions possible”

Seasonal hats people. SEASONAL HATS. You need to GET. ON THAT. You know your printer is just sitting there gathering dust. There have been many remixes and improvements on the design since Scratch first published it. One of out favorites is this gem by Marlene DeGrood.

Now, that’s just handy, isn’t it? Now you just need one to hold a container of Kragle. Nooooo!!!!!

Truly, so many options here. You can download the Minifig TP Holder on Thingiverse.  (BONUS! Check out Scratch’s motorized Mad Eye for some extra creepy fun!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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