“Ello Pip!” Why hello yourself! I’m glad you showed up because I need to talk to someone about storage. I have 397 Mason jars filled with nuts, screws, stamps, snail shells, dried shellac, dry lint… well, you get the idea. I need a better storage solution.

“Did you see this splendid, stackable, sensational set of 3D printed storage drawers?” I see them now, thank you! And while I could order a wall-size set of storage drawers online and have them here tomorrow, 3D printing them is so much more challenging! Plus, imagine the combinations one could come with. Yes, I’m fairly certain the ultimate use for 3D printers is printing storage for other 3D printed items like prosthetics, space ship ventilation ducts and extra lung tissue.

Created by Andrew Askedall, not only is this a 3D printed storage solution for all your bits and bobs. It’s a ONE PIECE, 3D printed storage solution for all your bits and bobs. The units all print as one piece. The inside of the drawers are angled so no supports are needed and if anyone ask why your printing storage drawers, you can lift one slowly in front of their face… then open and close the drawer rapidly until they leave.

All .stl files are provide and even separated so you can print a different color/material for frame and drawer. Splendid indeed! If you’re freaking out about labels, Andrew has eliminated the most challenging part of this project by providing a PDF template. Phew.

You can download the files from the Thingiverse.

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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