2nd Shot is the Ontario-based company that takes a love of skateboarding and its culture, turning discarded decks from local skaters, skate shops and skate parks to create just about anything imaginable – watches, art, and yes, knives–beautiful.

The company is the brainchild of John Gibson, mixing his former freelance job painting cars and customizing random products with his passion for skateboarding, into a manufacturing mash-up of “Skate Art” that’s awesome enough to be displayed in a gallery. Pieces were already hanging in hos how, so with the piles of cracked skateboards piling up, his business was created.


If you’ve ever split a skateboard after hurling yourself down a double-set, you’ve probably noticed the vibrant plys as you lay there bleeding. Obviously, those layers of color are what makes these knives so unique looking–cut, shaped, arrange and sanded in various patterns that truly give these decks a second shot at being a tool for serving up something cool. Then you have the pattern of the Damascus steel complimenting the pattern of the handle to give your friends the ultimate in pattern envy, especially when combined with your plaid board shorts and apron.

John creates versions with both a seven inch blade and a five inch handle. For a custom knife they’re not incredible pricey with an average cost around $165 USD. Along with the chopping knives, John also creates other knives, using the same build process for items such as pocket knives, butter knives, axes, swords and some outstanding knife blocks.


2nd Shot is currently out of the handmade Skate Art Knives, but you can keep an eye out for them and find watches, sunglasses and other items on the 2nd Shot Etsy store.

Inspired? Have a few boards laying around? Maybe it’s time to recycle?









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