How many boats does one need? WRONG QUESTION. How many boats can you 3D print, stick in your mouth, and say ‘Bathtub Boat’. Me? 27. But they were small boats and I choked when I realize one could come shooting out my nose at any moment – can you imagine the pain a PLA print squeezed through the nostril cavity produces? Not gonna find out.

These boats are the creation of a one VANDRAGON, or as I like to call him, VANDRAGONY THE SUPREME. So, why does he create these? Well, besides boats being cool, he says,

I like my bathtub and boats, so I’m creating some for the bathtub. I like big ocean liners but unfortunately have little space, so I draw them in scale 1:1000 to have the possibility to compare them with each other.”

Good enough for me. *High fives the computer screen* Vandragon researches and sketches each one of the boat designs before modeling it up for print. Through it all, there’s loads of thought put into each and the detail is just awesome.

Now, these boats may look similar to the 3DBenchy 3D printer torture test print by Creative Tools, but the actual size is larger and print more detailed.

The overall length is 3.93″ (10cm), but the prints you see here are only 3.34″ (8.5cm) in length. Even still, they can be used for 3D printer quality control or used to complete your pond armada to battle those fowl-mouthed ducks. Yeah, I just did that.

Vandragon used a Prusa MK2 to print the boats at a resolution of 0.15 and infill of 0.15 using Fillamentum PLA and the model requires no supports.

You can download the model on MyMiniFactory or Thingiverse. (Bonus! Check out the other boat prints and benchy boats here! YES!) OH, and you can support his boat designing/printing on Patreon here.

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

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