Last we heard from Luxion, the makers of KeyShot were arching back to prepare a knuckle sandwich of rendering KAPOW! for their latest release, KeyShot 6.

Well, the troop has held true to their promise and has indeed unveiled the most powerful level-up in company history with a host of new features. For this release, Luxion pulled out all the stops and included brand new lighting algorithms, new material libraries and perhaps most importantly, a new node-based system for users to craft their own materials called Material Graph.

Like we first reported back in May, the Material Graph is a part of a larger effort in KeyShot 6 to give users more control over their materials, compositions and scenes while simultaneously making these changes happen faster than ever.

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Of course, all of these new features join the existing setup of features that have made KeyShot an even more valuable tool in the designer’s toolkit over the past few years. Among others, these include KeyShot Cloud, animations, a wide (and consistently updated) material library and other highly useful features. Perhaps most importantly, though, is how the program can be utilized for multiple steps of the design process starting with loose ideations and ending with marketing images.

“KeyShot plays a critical role in our process,” explains Claudio Turrisi of Monster Products. “We use it for internal presentations, immediately after the first 3D concept, to present internally to the marketing team to get initial feedback. Meanwhile, the design process continues, using KeyShot to find the best color and finishing combinations. KeyShot helps deliver initial concepts, but the real-time rendering helps us visualize the final product fast during the design process. After the design, KeyShot is our primary software for creating additional visuals for packaging and advertising.”


Whether you’re a seasoned KeyShot vet or are considering jumping into KeyShot headfirst for the first time, Luxion is offering a fully-functional license with all of the KeyShot 6 features to try for yourself for a free 14-day trial. Those who can’t wait to buy can purchase KeyShot HD starting at $995.

UPDATE: Luxion is offering 20% off all orders as a part of their Cyber Monday deal (use discount code at checkout: CYM2015)


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