They burnt on days we didn’t have the light. Risking our hairs and skins, we gathered close. The candles were all we had, and the nimphs, oh how they liked to blow them out. That was until the CandleMan came to visit. Large, made mostly of wax and wick, they feared him, as did we, but he would stay a spell, light his arms and tell us stories of these links.

Krešimir Jelušić – A commanding use of perspective and symmetrical structures with a mix or the organic and hard surface modeling.

Warped Spacetime – Einstein’s Gravitational Theory turns 100 and this is the illustrated video that almost does it justice.

Dongyang – Incredibly intricate wood relief carvings that capture scenes of sea, peacocks and people.

Verrado Drift – The drift bike from Local Motors has two things going for it. A cool name and Bucky Lasek riding it.

Pub signs – A little bit of history behind British Pub signs, like Ye Olde Cock Tavern.

Beowulf – Hear Beowulf read in the original Old English, and check out J.R.R. Tolkien’s translation of it while you’re at it.

Kubrick Futura – If you love movies and you love typefaces, you will most likely this combination of Futura and Stanley Kubrick.

Myth – Interactive video for Myth by LIVYATANIM. Watch on desktop, mobile or VR Headset. Trippy. Very trippy.