For anybody who’s been wanting to get the most out of their 3D scanner or smartphone 3D scanning app, the new MODO for Repotology series from industrial design training site cadjunkie is just for you.

For the low price of $39 ($14 for cadjunkie Premium members), this downloadable video series includes everything you need to know about converting 3D scan data into workable geometry, as well as some slick MODO scripts designed exclusively for the series to help speed up your workflow.

In the series, EvD Media’s very own resident industrial design pro Adam O’Hern takes retopology for a spin and boils it down into simple terms for getting the most of your 3D scan data and converting it into a working and manufacturable CAD model in MODO or SolidWorks.


In addition to the nine feature-packed videos and included MODO scripts for speeding up your retopology workflow, the series also includes process files to help guide you every step of the way.

Here, Adam breaks it all down:

So, what is Retopology you might ask?

Perhaps you’ve spent some time on your smartphone with one of the many 3D scanning apps such as Autodesk’s 123D Catch, or maybe you want to make a sculpted model from ZBrush more friendly for manufacturing. Essentially, the end goal of retopology is to take an existing 3D model and ‘trace’ its form with workable geometry so that it can be further manipulated in a dedicated CAD software package like SolidWorks. In a nutshell, retopology is the process of rebuilding an otherwise ‘dead’ model with functionality that you can use for 3D printing, rendering and manufacturing.

Key Skills You’ll Add to Your Toolbox:

For the series, Adam breaks down each step for converting real world objects into clean geometry that you’ll be able to use to take your product designs to the next level in MODO and/or SolidWorks. Whether your end goal is to just hone your modeling skills or build off of handmade prototypes, you’ll be guided through the process of using retopology to step up your design game.

Importing 3D Scans from Smartphone App


Rebuilding Meshes in MODO


Exporting and Finalizing Your Design in SolidWorks


Head over to cadjunkie to download and get started with the MODO for Repotology series, or sign up for a cadjunkie Premium membership to get access to the entire industrial design video training library.