We can’t fault Seth Manlove for being unsatisfied with the kind of lamps we find in the marketplace these days. While innovation in some like Slow Wood’s Teca Lamp is impressive, the choices in the kitsch category are very limited. The SLIM Lamp is here to fill this void and can be found on Kickstarter for pre order. Bet you’d like to know more about the design process and why it makes our list, yes we got the gripe on it!

Inspired by the thought of using textures, colors and details of city life as the story behind each of his lamps, Seth’s main goal was to use high-resolution art for a desk lamp. Having seen backlit films do a commendable job in larger lamp pieces, downsizing the same for table versions required a lot of research. Details like ink, colors and designs were researched upon and finally the Epson backlit film along with the K3 genre inks (makes art appear illuminated sans light), were settled upon.


Seth explains that the color on the shades is preserved using a UV-resistant clear coat, ensuring that time; heat and sun don’t affect the hues. Regarding the construction, Seth elaborates, “I solder the wire frame to the custom laser-cut steel circle at the top; and to ensure extra durability I added an additional circle to the bottom of the frame. The result was the world’s first lamp under 10” using backlit film.”


One of the challenges that Seth faced during the design process was the base of the lamp. The designing needed to be perfect and complimentary to the shade. Several sketches later, the present version was finalized. To start off with the production, Seth first spun an edition out of clay and then got molds made.

Here Are Some Facts:

  • The illumination shade is 9.5” and is 100% handmade.
  • The SLIM Lamp is locally produced in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  • SLIM comes with in white, gray or black kiln fired clay slip bases, take your pick.
  • Each lampshade features iconic imagery.
  • All orders come with a choice of standard 25 or 40 watt candelabra dim bulb.

With 70 hours left to go in the Kickstarter campaign, you can head over and get yours here.


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