When you’ve thrown all the plates and have begun tossing furballs laden with gum and colorful candies, you shouldn’t be surprised if they come flying back at you. For the beast, he does not like the candies, nor the gum. Why is this particularly upsetting to him? Why, for the simple reason they lack the caramel coating of these links.

Jason Pickthall – Gorgeous concept art from sketchy versions of ships to scenes of forest and stream.

LEGO Christmas tree – Timelapse of the massive LEGO tree in Sydney, plus details on the event if you’re over that way.

Plank’s Constant LEGO – And if you’re not in Sydney, you could take the weekend to build a LEGO model to measure Plank’s Constant.

Baby Exercise Equipment – The Art of Manliness provides a sweet graphical reference for bulking up with baby weights.

Philippe Faraut – If you’ve ever wanted to know more of the process of clay sculpting, look no further than Mr. Faraut’s Youtube channel.

What color is it? – Interesting how hex color codes can correspond to the time, isn’t it?

Crazy Pool Vortex – Learn how to create a vortex line while getting a primer on Helmholtz’s law, then go shock your friends. Happy Physicsing.

Alien typography – Typographic (and iconographic) foreshadowing in the movie Alien? It’s totally possible and totally awesome.

GraphicStock – Free images for seven days when you sign up.

Bitsbox – Programming for kids. Real code. Fun projects. No account required. Straight forward as it gets.

Part of me – Neck Deep brings the melody with Laura Whiteside.

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