CAD Simulation just got a dose of direct modeling simplicity. Kubotek has launched KeyCreator Analysis which provides a new multiphysics solution for users of KeyCreator Direct Modeling application. They’re slating it as ‘CAD Analysis for Designers and Analysts’ and have the full analysis workflow embedded within the KeyCreator interface.

KeyCreator Analysis

Since KeyCreator is a direct modeling application, it would make sense for the model to update parametrically when changes are made. It’s no different with the addition of KeyCreator Analysis. As you set up your Analysis, you can still make changes to the model with the loads and constraints updating right along with it. The Analysis is based on AMPS Technology’s AMPSol finite element solver that brings the multiphysics into KeyCreator Analysis via a partnership between the companies.

Sefea technology
The magic behind KeyCreator Analysis is their Sefea technology that uses a component of auto-mesh and sets up the equations for the solver so it can use a less dense mesh. The idea is that this solver is less resource hungry and therefore provides unmatched speed for whoever likes to have fun with boundary conditions, loads and meshing the color spectrum out of 3D geometry.

The 2011/2012 version of KeyCreator Analysis come in four flavors:
Simultaneous: US $7,695 (upgrade $3,995)
Simultaneous with Dynamics: US $10,195 (upgrade $6,495)
Simultaneous Expert: US $11,695 (upgrade $7,995)
Simultaneous Expert with Dynamics: US $14,695 (upgrade $10,995)

With each you get multi-threading and Seafea mode with the Expert level packages serving up the more advanced simulation needs.

Down with the Direct modeling approach to analysis and multiphysics? I’m particularly interested in any designers that use simulation in their pipeline. How does this help improve your process?


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