I don’t care how much gravy you put in your glovebox, modeling cars is one of the funnest activities to do. Even better when it’s just for fun and you don’t have someone yelling class-a surface this and curvature that while in the process of a vigorous leg waxing.

Tony Suarez from Mirimar, Florida doesn’t know jack about leg waxing (very well at least), but he’s got toy car modeling down. Here’s he first go at a pudgy, supped up sportster in a 8 minute vid to show you how it’s done.

I asked Tony about the approach he took. His comment?

I took the uberminimalist approach.

Yes Tony, yes indeed. Refreshing to see as well. We’ll be looking for more fun, stylish and super simple toy car designs from Tony and see if he’ll provide some models for you to play around with. Until then, take a look at the process and simple features he used to create this boxy auto.


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