What’s that? You have enough snow globes? Wrong answer. You can NEVER have enough snow globes… to set up for target practice so you can work in the Sig Sauer Elite AR-15 with Noveske Flash Suppressor you got on Black Friday. People need hobbies.

You could spend hours shopping, spending hard-earned money on snow globes, or your could spend that cash on slapping together your own snow globes with spare salsa jars and the glitter that’s piled up under your sofa cushions. Even better, you have something else to print on your 3D printer… or another excuse to buy one.

Vectary, the online 3D modeling tool, is at it again, publishing a low poly Christmas scene model to help hack together your very own low poly Christmas scene snow globe. One caveat. Before making it, you have to consume an entire jar of Nutella, or nine jars, depending on how many snow globes you need.

This 3D printed snow globe is fun, simple project though – a one piece print, a jar, water, glycerin, and GLITTERS. I’m guessing you could best this pretty easy though. A New Your City print, with Santa shooting lasers from his eyes atop Woolworth’s, all contained in a two-gallon pickle jar, with candy cane confetti – Yeah, that’s more like it.

Here’s the basic how-to from Vectary:

You can download the snow globe scene model on MyMiniFacatory or make your own on Vectary. (BONUS! Check out Vectary’s super minimal, super sticky Christmas tree project here!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

3d printed snow globe


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