What’s more fun than a barrel of charred monkey pelts? A barrel of super simple concept car design in SolidWorks. Or in this case, a video of super simple car design in SolidWorks. Tony Suarez created a car modeling video to shock and stun surface modelers a while back. Now, he’s back with surfaces to show a super simple approach to conceptualizing a car with SolidWorks. The video is a bit fast-paced, but it’s got just the right amount of information to get you going on your own.

Super Simple Concept Car Design

Tony starts with a 2-dimensional layout to sweep the surfaces, creates the sides of the car, knits and turns them into a solid. From there it’s the basic SolidWorks cut, extrude and fillet features. Plus, he takes you through the motions of adding a wheel to complete the visual.

So, the curvature may not be the most accurate, but you’ve gotta admit, it’s a simple way to throw down a concept and not too far off from the direction you would start when really going after smooth C2, Class-A surfaces. Are there better ways to approach simple concept designs?


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