I have long been wondering who would sink their teeth into the succulent cad-driven tissue of Inforbix. Today, that happened. Autodesk announced earlier this morning that they have “acquired certain assets of Inforbix, LLC.” Inforbix produces product data applications with their main web-based product focus on visualizing your data wherever it is located from anywhere you are located. Those deep-data sifting capabilities are now in the hands of Autodesk.

Autodesk acquires Inforbix

Even thought this is an acquisition of Inforbix, the press release reads more like an acquisition of Oleg Shilovistsky. Co-founder of Inforbix, with a 20 year history in developing software and managing product development groups, Oleg will join Autodesk as Senior Director of PLM and Data Management.

As you’re aware, Autodesk launched their PLM product, Autodesk PLM360, less than a year ago. Thier plan is to incorporate the search, indexing, personalization and data visualization capabilities of Inforbix. If you asked me what Autodesk PLM360 needed on launch day, I would have said Inforbix level search and visualization. It’s unsurpassed as far as anything I’ve ever seen. Looks like Autodesk saw this as well.

I served as an advisor to Inforbix for a stint, testing the first iteration of their web-based software tool that gathered data from disparate sources on my network and displayed it all in a simple to use, easy to view browser interface. With this acquisition, Autodesk is going to be bringing improved (can we say cool?) data delivery to your software and has deeper development knowledge on-board to make their web-based initiatives faster and more integrated with the data-rich environment you live in everyday.

Via: Businessweek


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