jon-hirschtickThe Press at SWW08 got a special presentation from Jon Hirschtick, founder of SolidWorks and CEO up till 2001. He’s an MIT grad and should know a thing or two about CAD history and the future possibilities since, ya know, he’s been a large part of making it happen.

Jon is also a Keynote speaker at this years SolidWorks World. Who knows what he’ll be talking about, but if it’s anything like this presentation, it’s bound to be informative and entertaining.


  • Looking at CAD in the broadest possible sense… over the span of 50 years
  • Where it all started – good ol’ 1963
  • Early tech
  • The commercialization of CAD
  • Putting CAD on Windows
  • 5 top trends for the future of CAD

Sound interesting? take a look. A big thanks to Ben Eadie (SolidMentor) for getting this on video.

History of CAD from Ben Eadie on Vimeo.


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