3d-matrix-solidworks02“@solidsmack you’ll like this.” Charles Culp says to me. Turns out I did and I’ll think you’ll not only like it, you’ll want to create a matrix of everything you model. You may even get really inspired and create a 3D rendered matrix for your boss that will leave you both staring at each other uncomfortably when you pass in the hallway.

Luke Malpass of Angelsix.com has developed a small program that give you the ability to create your very own matrix of parts in SolidWorks.

How? With a text files of ones and zeros of course.

This tool will create a 3D model of X,Y,Z vectors from a plain text 3D matrix data using any SolidWorks model as a vector object, with ability to add different sizes and spacings to each co-ordinate!


One snag. Make sure your default assembly template is set to the SolidWorks assembly template, otherwise you’ll get an error saying, “Error creating assembly”

What I’d like to see is a way to vary the size of the part as well, or make it grow incrementally from a point. Or, have it span a surface.

Via SolidWorks Forums


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