So, we were able to escape the urge to wander out into the warm San Antonio sun and spent a few minutes with the CADFaster boys to see more on this cool, new 3D mobile app tool. which makes us wonder why no one else seems interested in developing more for the mobile.


As you may have seen in previous news, the CADFaster app allows viewing and interacting with imported 3D models. Currently, it imports SolidWorks and Revit models. Plans are in place to support other formats. The release date for the iPad app is set for April 2011 and will contain all the functionality of the Desktop App, which can be purchased by contacting CADFaster directly.

Here’s an iPad demonstration at the CADFaster booth.

What’s even more fascinating is how they’re the only company demonstrating mobile CAD technology at SolidWorks World. Depressing. No other booth I saw had any type of tablet or mobile phone programs although some are exploring possibilities. SolidWorks hasn’t even shown anything new in this area, even though something like an viewer or basic modeler is certainly. Dassault, gather your collective R&D eggs and let’s see what you’ve got. serious. period. seriously. period. period.


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