Today, SolidWorks announce a new product to take your design collaboration dreams to the next level of web-based immersive interaction.

Post3D allows you and others located around the world to simultaneously view and interact with 3D content in an online setting. It’s not full on augmented reality, but it definitely hints at what’s to come. Here’s a look.

Post3D. It’s on the web

YouTube video

So, yes. It’s an avatar you move around the screen. You upload models and look at them sort of in context with the idea that you get a better sense of scale and function. Right now the avatars are not customizable and the interaction is limited, but there are plans to build on top of what it currently is, added customizable styles for your Post3D account and boost interaction.

The idea of this has a Posterous micro-blogging type approach. You have your own customizable site which you can use to post models to and share with co-workers, clients or friends. All via the web.

With Post3D, the idea could absorbs the other 3DVIA suite of programs quite well. Eventually, I would say, you could expect to see 3DVIA Composer animations brought in or interactive games played within the same environment.

Collaboration via the web is tough for some to grasp. This is going to draw interest for some, but others won’t see the point. In a sense it’s gimmicky, but it’s a gimmick that can add value and save some cash if you need to get a product in front of someone quick. I’m still convinced however, that in order to be really life-like, we’ve gotta get 3D off a 2D screen. To me, it’s just not working and for interaction you can’t be the face to face interaction.

This product release (and more to be announced soon) lines up with what Jeff Ray said about the rate of new product delivered increasing over the next 15 years.

Here’s a few shots of the presentation at SolidWorks World. Dassault’s CEO Bernard Charles and SolidWorks’ Jeremy Luchini demonstrate the application with a client in China. All see their own avatar’s perspective and can interact with the models on the screen. You can try it for yourself at Also, check out Al Dean’s coverage on Post3D at Develop3D


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