As if our soon to be robot overlords are not scary enough, now there’s a Robot University for them to systematically learn how to take over the minds of small children and impressionable young college students.

I exaggerate a bit. This is actually a place where the academics and the automaton-interested can gather via an online campus to pursue the dream of eventual human destruction creating neat robotics solutions. Kids… get off the couch.

There are structured lessons, tutorials, event calendars, photos, videos, forums, blogs, chat, personal pages, and instruction for using SolidWorks® 3D CAD software for robot design.

You can get in if you request an invitation via and the robotic counterparts on the opposite side accept you into the collective. If you want to keep you’re distance and just play around with building robotic stuff in SolidWorks, check out all the parts at 3d Content Central that will give you everything necessary to build a bio-mechanical suit able to fend off any type of robot mutiny in the future.

More info at the SolidWorks Education Site and the Robot University Press Release


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