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One week from NOW, yes, one week from this day we know and love as ‘Monday’, will be another day called ‘Monday’… It also happens to be the same day the veil of SolidWorks 2009 will be lifted and the lone Beta testers will be free to reveal all the goodness that is to come.

Monday, August 4th is the date. Mark your calendars. If you haven’t been a beta tester and have not had a chance to see what is new to SolidWorks 2009, here’s your chance to ask about it.

What do you want to know about?
Let’s hear from you though. Exactly what are your interested in finding out about SolidWorks 2009? This is a brand spankin’ new version of SolidWorks.

Do you want to see how something looks or how a tool works. Wondering about new toolbar icons? How fast you can turn a Solid into a Sheet Metal Part? If it does what you’ve always wanted it to do? Hit the comments!

Afterwards, mark your calendars for August 4th and keep your eyes on on the Blogs. There’s bound to be some great conversations going on. What do you want to know about?


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