Isn’t display technology just wonderful? No? You want something curved? well, if you’re not happy with the flat Microsoft Surface with multi-touch, get ready to literally wrap your hands around the Spherical version.

Microsoft Research took the globular multi-touch screen out of the box today to reveal just how gaming, advertising and messing around with photos will never be the same. Of course, nobody think of 3D CAD when it comes to this technology. What could it change?

The hive gathers
I’ve seen design groups huddled in circular colonies around their workstations and people throwing paper back and forth between cubicles. It’s not like a ball with video on it can change much of how designers and engineers work, but think of the implications of what it could lead to. If you see that video, or 3D data, can be displayed on a spherical surface, what is the next phase? Could 3D data be the display and the information reside on those surfaces?

I’d like to get your opinion. Is new display technology a fad? Can it be developed to be more practical? I think it can be and I think we’ll be using 3D data in new and different ways in the near future.

Here’s the video:

Via Seattlepi


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