solidworks world 2008

A question…

How Many SolidWorks Users Does It Take to Change A Dangling Relation
I’m gonna venture out and say, oh… 699,999. That’s (apparently) how many other people like you… use SolidWorks… and are driving decisions at SolidWorks HQ.

Driving the decisions? Really? Then why…(loud tire screech)

Now, I know. If you’re sitting at your workstation, gunning for a deadline, this type of stuff may seem mundane. Perhaps, akin to a post on a right fancy cheese slicer with thickness adjustment. If, however, you wonder how you job, hence career, may blossom like a magic pony, you may be a bit curious.

I have no idea how magic ponies blossom. I’m dead stinkin’ tired.

The Pressers got a dose of Jeff Ray yesterday in the press session and today in the general session and ya know, he was very genuine about SolidWorks efforts of satisfying the user. While it would be interesting to see the curve for actual new business, a user is pretty much a user…unless they aren’t a user yet. And that is where it got confusing.

Are reaching new markets or helping existing customers causing change?
Who knows right. Let’s just say on Monday and Tuesdays it’s the first one and it’s the other one starting Wednesdays after 6:30 PM, alternating bi-weekly of course.

(another loud tire screech…and a small 67 year old woman screaming about wet laundry) All, the careful hulllabullulla aside, the most interesting thing I’ve noticed this week is the consistency and unusual (at least from what is typical to me) dedication of seriously improving performance and recognizing sources of new input.

I seriously don’t know which to contemplate. The focus they have on scalability (performance) and reliability for SolidWorks 2009 and on, or the awareness they have of other technologies from Web/Office 2.0 to beyond multi-core possibilities.

I throw skepticism, bias, preconceived notions of selfish yacht-five-house-ideals at it and end up with dang consistency. How excruciatingly non-controversial is that. I’ve talked to multiple people from SolidWorks and the focus is insane. Seriously, it’s insane. Like you found a splinter in you arse.

I’m thinking web servers and small database application running on my 2GB flash drive…ahem… How about SolidWorks Professional on a thumb drive? All the CSWP (Certified SolidWorks Professionals) were given one tonight, ON A THUMB DRIVE. I can go to your office, plug in a 2inch flash drive, start SolidWorks and open up your model. hello. is this thing on?

I’m telling you, I’ve been to a couple SolidWorks Worlds now, some Technical Summits. This is the same solid company with incredible vision.


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