solidworks world 2008

Right now I’m wishing I could start this blog post out the way SolidWorks started out their first General Session of the Conference. It, as well as the entire session, was nothing short of incredible. I’ve been to MLM (multi-level marketing) conferences where no expense is spared for those deals, and they didn’t compare.

First, my complements to the VExplorer animation. Incredible. Call me. I want to interview you or steal your nerve endings. Both would be quick and painless.

Let’s capture the main content.

I would call this a horde. Most were smiling. Bellies full of Bagels, biscuits and coffee. I meet Phil Sluder.


This is what about 4600 look like in a room with a lot of blue chairs.


This is Ben Eadie again. This time with full video filming power. Center Front.


The main intro screen. Orange. Naranja in Spanish, or naraggna as my 18-month old son would say.


Jeff Ray, John Hirshtick and the crew getting psyched before the start. I think I missed some knuckle punches and headbutts. Those guys are rad.


Mr. Rainer Gawlick (Vice President of Worldwide Marketing) in front of the honking big screen.


Mr. Ray throwing down the SERS. Adventure instead of Excitement would have made it SARS which is kinda scary for some people. Adventure and excitement are always good, although a Jedi should not crave either. (freaking blog geeker nerd)


Jeff Ray’s Passports. His full name is Hugh Jefferson Ray III.


3DVia Composer just started shipping last week. I’ve always enjoyed their blog, It’s Seemage revamped.


Jeff used a couple good quotes. I liked this one.


Jeff talks about the Vexplorer. Seriously fun. I need one, but not to torment my dog. that is just mean. Amazon for Revell Vexplorer Robotics System“>$159.99.


Special Guest, Danny Forster, from the hit Discovery TV show “Build it Bigger” entertained and gave some great example of the inter-disciplinary role of design and engineering. (see video below.)


You’re eyes will dilate, your spine will twitch and you’ll be simply shocked and inspired by the brilliance of Theo Jansen. His “beach creatures” live on the beach and eat air. “The wall between art and engineering exist only in our minds.” (see video below.)


A closeup of one of Theo’s smaller creations.


Another incredible invention from Big Belly Solar. A garbage receptacle with a solar array on top and integrated wi-fi(soon). Used to reduce amount of garbage and trips to pick up waste.


There were also some warehouse automation robot present, but I didn’t get photos. They are created by Kiva Systems. Check into it.

Danny Forster 1,000 feet over Shanghai

Theo Jansen pushing boundaries


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